Wine Industry Awards Display

11 Wine Industry Award Winners to Exhibit at WIN Expo 2015

The North Bay Business Journal recently announced the 2015 Wine Industry Award winners, and we are pleased to have 8 of the Supplier award winners and 3 of the WINnovation Award winners exhibiting at the 4th annual WIN Expo.

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Glenn Proctor

Market Conditions Call for Caution and Solid Decision-Making

The lighter-than-expected harvest this year has impacted a changing market that’s somewhat out of balance and in the process of correcting itself, according to experts who are keeping a close eye on the current vintage and what it might mean for short and long-term wine industry trends.

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Peter Kruger

Water Conservation, Sustainability Central to Craft Brewery Operations

It wasn’t Peter Kruger’s intention to become a sustainability expert at Bear Republic Brewery – but then, it wasn’t really his intention to get involved with the commercial craft brewing industry at all.

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59in Dimple Jackets

Westec's Dimple Jacket Technology Vanguard of the Wine Industry

"No other company can manufacture a tank like this; the design allows for huge efficiency gains for our customers," says Jim Belli Westec Tank & Equipment Co.’s General Manager.

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Damien Wilson

Wine Sector Needs to "Think Outside the Square," According to Experts

As millennials advance into their drinking years and artisan beer, cider and spirits continue to impact alcohol beverage sales, the wine industry would do well to rethink a business-as-usual operating strategy.

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Michael Brito

Wine Industry Has Yet to Embrace Full Potential of Social Media Marketing

There’s little doubt that social media marketing has become a cornerstone of modern-day communications and has revolutionized the way companies across the globe now do business.

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Neil Foster

M.A. Silva Strives for "Perfect Execution and Delivery"

For the last 15 years, M. A. Silva, a leading manufacturer of natural corks, bottles and packaging for North American markets, has been focused on meeting or exceeding expectations for quality products, on-time delivery and excellent customer service.

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