Q&A with Mike Giese, Brand Manager at Hope Family Wines

Join us in a Q&A discussion with the Brand Manager at Hope Family Wines, Mike Giese, as he answers a few questions regarding his upcoming WIN Expo conference topic, "Insights into the Millennial Mind: Tapping into Their $1.3 Trillion Spending Power".

Hi Mike, thank you for taking some time to sit down and chat with us about your upcoming conference session at WIN Expo.

M. Giese:

"I'm very excited to be a part of the Conference, thank you for having me!"


As a millennial yourself, how do you feel you approach brand loyalty differently than generations before you?

M. Giese:

"I’m actually very brand loyal… when it comes to pretty much everything except wine. From clothing, to electronics, to other consumer packaged goods, I find a brand that I like that makes a great quality product and I stick with them.

When it comes to food and wine, I’m very experimental. I love trying new things especially fun wines from exciting regions. "


What brands, in any industry, do the best job appealing to the millennial generation and why?

M. Giese:

"Patagonia because of their brand values. I think the millennial mindset is very conscious of sustainable business practices and Patagonia does a great job of bringing their brand values to life.

Rebel Coast Wine Company – I think these guys are doing a great job of appealing to the millennial crowd that doesn’t need to drink wine from a glass. From a social media perspective, I think the nail it in terms of speaking to their audience but living their brand. Who doesn’t love a Sunday Funday? "


As the youngest generation currently impacting the wine industry, what do you think the future of the industry holds?

M. Giese:

"At the end of the day, the gimmicky stuff is only going to last so long. As disposable income for millennials increases and tastes evolve, I think the brands that invest in quality and authenticity are going to stand the test of time."

Giese will be joined by Moderator Jessica Altieri, CEO of Wine Channel TV Network and two other panelists in the session: “Insights into the Millennial Mind: Tapping into Their $1.3 Trillion Spending Power.”

Other panelists include Emily McKinney, Social Media Producer for Hollywood Today Live; and Richard Yau, CEO & Co-Founder of Bright cellars.

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Conference Topics Include:

  • Unlocking the Digital Sixth Sense: Living in a Mobile World
  • Phenolic Secrets: Exploring Finishing Tannins in Maturation and Blending
  • Marijuana and Wine: Understanding New Competition to Build New Opportunities
  • Capital News: Happenings in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. Impacting the North Coast Wine Industry
  • Harvest Recap and Look Ahead for 2017: Anticipated Changes in Vineyard Contracts, Bulk & Grape Market
  • Insights into the Millennial Mind: Tapping into Their $1.3 Trillion Spending Power
  • Standing Out Amongst the Vines: The New Normal in Vineyard Marketing

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