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Meet Market Trends with the Support of BevZero Expertise, Technology, and Innovative Solutions

BevZero - Booths #148 & 242 & 244

BevZero, known previously as ConeTech and PolarClad, provides same services and equipment as well as new innovations.

For over 30 years, suppliers around the globe have turned to ConeTech to provide alcohol adjustment and dealcoholization services, as well as PolarClad for their tank insulation and mixer needs. But as the industry moves into a new era for low- and no- alcohol beverages, ConeTech, PolarClad, and Advanced Beverage Technologies have consolidated under the BevZero name to streamline its resources and continue to bring innovative equipment and services to its customers.

As BevZero steps into this new role, it is supported by a global team, including recent hires designed to offer customers a powerhouse roster of winemakers, brewers, distillers and scientists. This exceptional team is in place to offer their expertise in an array of advisory services, including formulating, consulting across the supply chain, large scale dealcoholization services and specialized beverage equipment distribution.

BevZero CEO Debbie Novograd explains that all of these movements are in support of understanding and serving modern consumer trends. “As we look to take BevZero’s mission into the next 30 years, we will continue to bring innovative solutions based on understanding the larger trends in the market and help our beverage partners deliver on those trends using our team’s expertise and technologies,” says Novograd. “With the creation of premium, high-quality low- and no-alc products, our goal is to redefine the drinking public’s relationship with social beverages for a healthier, more interesting and delicious future.”

With global market research firm IWSR forecasting that low- and no-alcohol consumption is expected to increase 31% by 2024 across 10 markets, (Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Spain, the UK and the U.S.), and sales of alcohol-free wine on track to double by 2031,BevZero’s consolidated services and growing team is primed to serve these growing categories as they expand and reach new consumers across the globe.

In addition to creating opportunities for brands to participate in the worldwide low- and no- trends, BevZero is uniquely positioned to support the burgeoning cannabis beverage space, which relies on BevZero’s dealcoholization services to create products like cannabis wines, beers, and ciders. BevZero’s team of experienced winemakers and formulators are poised to tackle this space head-on, and will continue to drive its growth as the cannabis marketplace expands nationwide and internationally.

With the goal of serving these worldwide trends, BevZero’s consolidation offers global support under the guidance of its headquarters in Santa Rosa, CA, with additional service centers in South Africa and Spain. BevZero customers can benefit from its proprietary line of equipment, including PolarClad Insulation, VinFoil mixers, and GoLo dealcoholization technologies.

For more information about BevZero’s products and services, visit WIN Expo booth 148 or go to:

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