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WaterIQ TechnologiesTM Offers Environmentally Safe Irrigation Algae Control for Vineyards

WaterIQ Technologies - Booths #516 & 617

In the world of agricultural irrigation, environmentally sound practices are at the forefront of what SonicSolutions’ new partnership with WaterIQ Technologies is offering to the wine industry. WaterIQ Technologies’ water treatment solutions control algae and biofilm, which helps to restore water ecosystems to their natural state. This is achieved through industry-leading technology and strong customer support, not damaging chemicals.

SonicSolutions Algae Control LLC has been in the business of algae control for twenty years. Simply stated, algae clogs filters in the pumps so farmers can’t irrigate. Algae also creates toxins which can be harmful to human health. Filter cleaning due to algae is a both a growing problem and a cumbersome, time-consuming process for vineyards and wineries. By using ultrasound, which disrupts algae cells’ growth, WaterIQ Technologies’ equipment is effective in controlling and eliminating algae, decreasing the amount of water wasted while increasing irrigation, as well as decreasing man-hours, which saves money.

WaterIQ Technologies’ method is applicable in both irrigation and wastewater ponds, which often have discharge issues, clogging pipes. This method is scientifically sound and eco-friendly, using an alternative, non-chemical solution.

In locations like California, where there is strong legislation about the water treatment process, WaterIQ Technologies is leading the environmental charge. Having units in wineries for the past fifteen years, SonicSolutions Algae Control offers a practical remedy for any water treatment needs, across most agricultural applications. Their clients also include public utilities, golf courses, wastewater treatment, and even drinking water facilities.

Devon Taylor Assael, who is VP Sales & Marketing at SonicSolutions, talks about the variety of products they offer, which can meet any volume, pond or lagoon size.. "We can work with your distribution network or assign an inside salesperson to determine your size needs," she notes. "We can also work with an aerial or satellite view." Staff can do a sample analysis to give data feedback as to what is going on in the water, as well. "Ultrasound is effective on 95% of the algae that we have encountered," points out Assael.

Proud of their customer service and tech support, Assael talks about a simple installation process for most winery or vineyard needs, wherein a complete kit comes directly to the customer. "You can monitor your units on a dashboard app downloaded to your phone or computer, so you can remotely check your equipment," says Assael. "Our new focus in the wine industry is to help find water treatment solutions, in an eco-friendly, non-invasive way." Assael also points to the benefit that WaterIQ Technologies can provide water quality monitoring, like checking the pH, TSS, or chlorophyll. As a bonus, the units can even be set up to run on solar energy.

For a chemical-free, environmentally sound method of reducing or even eliminating algae, find Sonic Solutions' WaterIQ products at WIN Expo 2021, December 2nd at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.

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