Be Included in the Wine Industry Advisor’s WIN Expo Guide

The Wine Industry Advisor is publishing a Special Edition WIN Expo Guide that will provide information about exhibitors with the goal of helping attendees easily navigate the trade show floor and make the best use of their time. As a WIN Expo exhibitor, we invite you to take advantage of this special opportunity at no cost.

The guide will be published on the Wine Industry Advisor and the Afternoon Brief, as well as being pushed through social media channels leading up to and throughout the WIN Expo. Exhibitors have the opportunity to provide attendees with information about special demonstrations and new products and services that you will be showcasing at the event. It's your chance to let people know what they can expect to see and learn by visiting your booth.

Listing Deadline: November 10th

For an example of what a Wine Industry Advisor WIN Expo entry might look like, please take a look at some of last year's entries:

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