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Text Message Marketing Revolutionizes DTC Communications for the Wine Industry

Redchirp - Booth #099

Connecting with customers in an era marked by a pandemic and rapidly shifting business landscape has never been more crucial. There are ways to do it effectively and an innovative new company may have the blueprint for success.

RedChirp™ is arming the wine industry with the ability to do real time communication with customers using a platform they know and love – texting.

“Wineries waste a lot of time and energy on phone tag,” RedChirp Founder, Jennie Gilbert points out. “Most people won’t pick up a call from a number they don’t know. Not only can you send 10 texts in the time it takes to make just one call, but people also read and respond to text messages quickly.”

Gilbert cites research that shows 59 percent of consumers reply to text messages sent with RedChirp within two minutes, with an impressive 92 percent replying in less than five.

Text message communication also lets wineries reply to their customers almost instantaneously.

“Eighty one percent of consumers in competitive situations are likely to do business with the first person that gets back to them,” Gilbert notes. “RedChirp leans into that reality by not asking wineries to work harder, but by instead giving them tools that make it easy to reply faster with the staff they already have in place.”

One great example is how RedChirp has revolutionized web chat. Now there’s no need for staff to log in and monitor it. Winery teams can go about their business and RedChirp will text all the right people to let them know if and when they’re needed.

RedChirp knows who’s working and who isn’t, so team members will never be bothered on their days off or in the middle of the night. RedChirp handles all the traffic control, and it provides complete visibility into every request and resulting conversation.

Replying to web chat requests is easy; just click ‘Reply’ and start typing. RedChirp users will immediately be texting with their customers from their local and persistent RedChirp phone number. Consumers can reply whenever it’s convenient for them. These text conversations can continue as long as everyone needs them to — even hours or days after the consumer has left the winery’s website.

Wineries of all sizes and in all regions are having success reaching their customers, strengthening relationships, and selling wine with RedChirp.

RedChirp’s bulk texting capabilities make it easy to reach out to many members at once, saving administrative time while still making each customer feel like the message was personally crafted just for them.

Many wineries have also used RedChirp to make sure their members are in the know about promotions, private sales and new releases.

While it’s harder than ever to get emails past spam filters, consumers consistently see and read their text messages right away.

For more information and demonstrations about how RedChirp can assist wineries with sales, club communications and relationship building, visit RedChirp’s booth at the 2021 WIN Expo on December 2. Their team will be in the Gallo Glass Company Pavilion, immediately left of the main entrance, in booth #099.

In addition, join RedChirp Founder Jennie Gilbert as one of the featured panelists during the WIN Expo Conference session titled “Exceeding the Expectations of Digital Natives” from 11 am – 12 pm in Finley Hall.

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