By utilizing a variety of free tools and invitations you can increase your company’s return on your investment and enhance your participation on the day of the show.

We have provided you with sample copy and suggested dates for timing your invitations, instructions on how to use your promotional codes, suggested marketing strategies, access to our logo library and more. All of this is designed to help make your participation at WIN Expo a success!

Booth Provisions

The following will be provided per each 10 ft. wide x 10 ft. deep booth space:

The following will be provided per each 10 ft. wide x 10 ft. deep booth space:

  • 8 ft. high pipe & flame resistant fabric backdrops
  • 3 ft. high pipe & flame resistant fabric siderails
  • (1) 6 ft. skirted table
  • (2) chairs
  • (1) trash bin
  • A booth identification sign showing your company name and booth number
  • 500 Watt Electrical Outlet (110v)
    (If you require 220V or additional wattage, please contact Rossi Expositions)
  • WiFi Internet Access

Show Colors:
Burgundy & White See Pictures

Aisle Floor Color:
Grace Pavilion, Black
Hall of Flowers, Gray

Please Note: The booth spaces ARE NOT carpeted, if you would like to order carpet for your booth space(s) please contact Rossi Expositions.

Booth Staff Pre-Registration

Deadline: November 28th

All staff that will be in your booth must be pre-registered. Pre-registration is required to use the "Fast Track" check-in process on the day of the Expo, and will ensure that your staff receives an "Exhibitor" labeled name badge.

WIN Expo Exhibitors may register up to 6 people as "Booth Staff" per 10' x 10' booth space (i.e. If your booth is 10' x 20', you may register up to 12 people).

Register Booth Staff


Drive More Traffic to Your Booth by offering exclusive #ExpoDeals

We’re pleased to announce a new free program for all WIN Expo exhibiting companies, #ExpoDeals, that we believe will make this the best wine industry buying event of the year.

This new one-day-only buying opportunity will be promoted as the Black Friday/Cyber Monday for the Wine Industry, exclusively at the 2016 WIN Expo in December. This is a free service for all WIN Expo exhibiting companies.

We've scheduled promotional email campaigns leading up to the Expo, and will be featuring your #ExpoDeals to target attendees and drive potential new clients directly to your booth!

All Submissions must be received by October 21st to be included.

Submit #ExpoDeals

Promotional Codes & New Invite Assistance Program

WIN Expo engages in an aggressive marketing plan that includes USPS mailers, email campaigns, print advertising, media partner exposure, association outreach and social media campaigns to ensure that the entire north coast wine industry is aware of and invited to WIN Expo.

Year after year, exhibitors that use promotional codes to invite their best customers and potential prospects, and who also actively promote their participation in the show, consistently see a higher return on their investment.

Each exhibiting company is provided with an individualized promotional invite code that allows your guests free access to the trade show floor. Our goal is to provide exhibitors with as many opportunities as possible to make new contacts, maintain current relationships, and maximize sales. Encourage them to visit your booth and strengthen your current relationship while establishing new ones. ($35.00 value. Conference sessions are not included in this offer. Online Pre-Registration is required. Codes will not be honored at the door.)

All codes are valid until November 28th. Extended to: November 30th

Promotional Invite Codes are unique to each Exhibiting Company - refer to our reminder emails for your unique code, or email

Invite Assistance Program

Deadline: November 18th

We know that you’re busy and may not have the resources to organize your own invitation campaign to send out your unique promotional codes. Our new Invite Assistance Program, free for WIN Expo Exhibitors, will ensure that your best customers are formally invited and will receive a discount code to register for a Free WIN Expo Floor Pass.

Learn More

We have provided you with sample copy and suggested dates for timing your invitations (see below).

#1: By September 9th
Dear __________, We are excited to be a part of the 2016 North Coast Wine Industry Expo being held on December 1st at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds and invite you to visit us at booth #_____ along with 300 of the best suppliers in the industry. As a valued customer, we would like to offer you use of our event promo code __________. Use this code at to gain free access to the trade show.

#2: By October 7th
Dear __________, We hope that harvest is off to a strong start and appreciate being a part of your wine industry team through the products and services we provide. On December 1st, we look forward to being a part of the 2016 North Coast Wine Industry Expo held at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds and would like to invite you to join us at booth #_____ with complimentary trade show access using our promo code __________ to register visit

#3: By October 28th
Dear __________, With harvest wrapping up we hope to be working with you as you look forward to planning for next year. We are excited to be a part of the 2016 North Coast Wine Industry Expo held on December 1st at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds and will be showcasing our new products and services. We hope you will join us at booth# _____ and would like to offer promo code __________ for free access to the trade show. Use it to register at

#4: By November 18th
Dear __________, With just a few weeks left until the 2016 North Coast Wine Industry Expo, we are busy finalizing our preparations for the show. We hope that you will come visit us at booth #_____ on December 1st at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Please use the promo code __________ to gain free trade show access. To learn more about this show and to register visit

Exhibitor Boxed Lunches

Deadline: November 30th

We are once again partnering with Big Boy's Bar-B-Que for our Exhibitor Boxed Lunch Program.

  • Orders must be placed by 2:00pm on Wednesday, November 30th.
  • Orders are delivered to your booth between 11:30am - 12:30pm on the day of the show.
  • Your order form must include your booth number.

Additional menu items will be available on the day-of the Expo in the Garden Building cafeteria adjacent to the Hall of Flowers.

For all Menu and Order questions please call Gus Lopez at 707-217-8162 or 707-524-6348.

To place Boxed Lunch orders, please fill out and fax your order form to our caterer, Big Boy’s Bar-B-Que at 707-524-6344

Download the Order form: Download PDF

Lead Retrieval & Tracking

Deadline: November 30th

Based on the feedback submitted from our exhibitor survey last year, we have found a great new lead retrieval system partner for WIN Expo. This new platform ties directly to our online registration service to ensure that you have as much information as possible while scanning your leads. There are no additional pieces of hardware required other than an Android or iOS device.

  1. Download the Boomset Lead Retrieval app via the iTunes or Google Play stores.
  2. Select "Create a New Account", and enter your information. (If you used Boomset Lead Retrieval last year, you can login using those credentials.)
  3. Login to Boomset using the account you just created.
  4. Search for "Wine Industry", and select this year's event: "Wine Industry Expo 2016 (WIN Expo)"

License Price
$150 = special pricing for WIN Expo Exhibitors

Scan Badges
Quickly scan attendee name badges using your smartphone’s camera.

Prioritize leads by marking them "Hot, Warm, or Cold." to make sure you follow up with important potential clients without delay after the event.

Take Notes
Take notes about conversations to make sure you remember important details during the follow-up process.

Search & Filter
Easily search leads by name, or filter them by date scanned, company name, or priority level.

One log in/ license can be used on multiple devices, and all scanned leads will be copied into the same lead list. If you need multiple lists, additional licenses will need to be purchased. For example - You can create an account and purchase a license using your login email and password. Your colleagues can then download the app and use your same login email and password to access the platform to scan leads into the same list.

Additional Help / Setup Instructions can be found here: View Instructions

Please Note: WIN Expo does not provide every Exhibiting company with an attendee list after the show.
The only way to capture the information from the attendees at the show are by using this service. If you are using a generic QR code reader to scan Boomset generated QR codes, the information for that attendee will not show up. You must use Boomset's Lead Retrieval app to scan these codes.

Hotels & Travel

View Hotels & Travel Information

LODGING ALERT: WIN Expo has received reports that unauthorized companies, such as Global Housing & Lodging Services – HLS Global, or may pose as the official housing vendors for the WIN Expo. These companies are not affiliated with the WIN Expo. For your own protection, please exercise caution when making hotel and travel arrangements with such entities. WIN Expo only guarantees hotel room rates, availability, benefits and protection for reservations made through the Washington Marriott Wardman Park directly. If you choose to book with a vendor not endorsed by WIN Expo please verify its credentials first and independently confirm that your reservations have been made and will be honored by directly contacting your chosen hotel.

Pouring Wine at your Booth

Deadline: Order by November 18th

We have made arrangements with the Sonoma County Fairgrounds and Spectra by Comcast-Spectacor to allow Exhibitors to have wine poured within your booth space.

This presents an exciting opportunity for those of you that have relationships with local wineries and want to share their wines with Expo attendees.

ATTENTION: Exhibitors must abide by the following rules / guidelines or you jeopardize your future status as an exhibitor at this event.

  1. Contact Tammy Toso at Spectra by Comcast-Spectacor via email to , or call 707-321-3850 to get started.
  2. Provide the time, duration, and quantities of wine that you are planning to pour at your booth. (i.e. 11am - 2pm, or 12:30pm - 1:30pm, etc.)
  3. Exhibitors are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages onto the Sonoma County Fairgrounds property or parking lots. All deliveries of alcoholic beverages must be delivered to and stored and distributed by Spectra.
  4. A representative from Ovations Food Services will be assigned to your booth to distribute and pour all alcoholic beverages. Exhibitors and Booth Staff are not allowed to pour any alcoholic beverages.

Please contact Tammy Toso at Spectra by Comcast-Spectacor at 707-321-3850 or via email to to get started.

Exhibitor Services Partner - Rossi Expositions

Deadline: November 18th
Orders after 11/18/2016 will incur additional charges.

Additional booth equipment and freight material handling services can be ordered directly through our convention vendor Rossi Expositions. Rossi Expositions will accommodate all exhibitors to the best of their ability to ensure a successful presentation. Please visit their web site for more event services information and important dates and deadlines.

Rossi Expositions strives to offer you the best service, we hope that you find their exhibitor order site to be a helpful and efficient way to prepare for your event. If you need assistance logging in or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact them by phone or email: (510) 436-7500 or

Are you new to online ordering with Rossi Expositions?

Enter your e-mail address and the temporary password you were emailed in the login box on their order site to start shopping for your event.

If you didn’t receive a temporary password, please contact Rossi Expositions, Inc. at

Click below to visit Rossi Exposition’s online order form.

Online Order Form

Advanced Freight & Material Handling

Rossi Expositions will provide complete material handling for exhibitors and show management – both inbound and outbound. Following is a step-by-step outline of how to ship your materials to and from the show.



Advance Freight – freight to be received prior to event date

  1. Log onto the Rossi Expositions exhibitor order site and submit an order for advance freight. (Payment of these services will be the sole responsibility of each exhibitor.) Freight shipments will be received and stored at our warehouse beginning 30 days prior to show move-in. Please note: Weekend deliveries are not accepted.
  2. Print labels directly from the order site - one per item.
  3. Contact your freight carrier and make arrangements for shipment (and pick-up, if you want the materials returned at the end of the show).

As freight deadline approaches, Rossi Expo will do a complete freight inventory to ensure that all freight has been received per advance orders and contact exhibitors whose freight has not been received in part or completely.

Upon receipt of your freight, Rossi Expositions will securely store your materials until the event installation. Your freight will be delivered to your booth prior to exhibitor installation.


Log onto the Rossi Expositions exhibitor order site and submit an order for “Show Site Freight”.

Note show installation date and time - confirm that your carrier will be able make your delivery within this time period.

Print labels directly from the order site - one per item.

Contact your freight carrier and make arrangements for shipment (and pick-up, if you want the materials returned at the end of the show).

Assuming freight arrives onsite at the indicated time and date, it will be delivered to your booth prior to exhibitor installation.


Outbound freight service includes ensuring your freight gets to your carrier following the event. Carrier service MUST be arranged in advance by each exhibitor.

If you have ordered and paid for INBOUND freight services, the OUTBOUND service is INCLUDED.

If you have not ordered INBOUND FREIGHT SERVICES, but require OUTBOUND FREIGHT SERVICES, stop by the Exhibitor Service Desk any time up to an hour prior to end of show to order this service. Please note: Payment must be submitted before your outbound freight will be released to your carrier.

To prepare your materials for shipping

Check in at the Exhibitor Service Desk any time up to AN HOUR PRIOR TO END OF SHOW.

Pick up and complete a Bill of Lading and carrier air bill, noting number of items, condition and overall description.

Package, seal and label all items to be shipped. Be sure to remove all other shipping labels.

Once your packages are ready, bring BOTH documents (Bill of Lading and carrier air bill) to the Exhibitor Service Desk.

Upon acceptance of your paperwork, return to your booth and wait for a Rossi Expo team member to come by and confirm your freight and provide you with tracking information and a bill of lading.


Your freight will be picked up and taken to your carrier vehicle for shipment.


OnSite Deliveries (week-of)

If you are bringing large items directly to the Expo, via your own vehicles, (and you are not using a 3rd party shipping or advanced warehousing through Rossi Expos) please note the delivery times below.

Large Exhibit Items or Large Equipment that needs to be in place before Pipe & Drape / Carpet Aisles are built must arrive on Tuesday, November 29th at 8:00 a.m. Please contact Rossi Expositions to make arrangements for these items.

Arrival Dates / Times

  • Wednesday, November 30th
    8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Pickup Dates / Times

  • Thursday, December 1st
    4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

  • Pre-Reserve Only - Deadline: November 20th
    Friday, December 2nd
    8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
    Hall of Flowers Exhibitors: Large Exhibit Friday pickup is only allowed if your items are moved to Grace Pavilion for overnight storage after the show. Please visit Exhibitor Services for more details and assistance.

Fork Lift Access

Deadline: November 20th

Access to a forklift is available by appointment during setup hours, and on a first-come, first-serve basis during take-down hours.

To schedule your time-slot, please call Nick Young at (707) 433-2557 x 100, or email

Sonoma County Fairgrounds Parking Map

Exhibitor Parking

All Exhibitor parking is located in the Veterans Building Parking Lot.

The entrance to the parking lot is located on Maple Avenue, across the street from the entrance to Grace Pavilion. Shuttle services will run from Lot D to the front of Grace Pavilion on the day of the show

Loading & Unloading

There will be signage directing Exhibitors to the Loading/Unloading areas in the gated parking lot on the west side of Grace Pavilion.

There is no loading or unloading on roadways, access ways, or grass areas.

Parking will be strictly enforced.

Setup & Take-Down Hours

All booths must be completely Setup 45 minutes before the show floor opens.


  • Wednesday, November 30th
    11:00 am — 4:00 pm
  • Thursday, December 1st
    7:00 am — 8:15 am


  • Thursday, December 1st
    4:00 pm — 6:00 pm

* Hall of Flowers Loading

On the morning of the show no additional Exhibitor vehicle traffic will be allowed beyond the Grace Pavilion loading/unloading area after 8:15 a.m.

Your items will need to be unloaded and walked / hand-trucked over to the Hall of Flowers building.

Booth Construction Rules & Guidelines

Exhibit structures must be constructed to allow sufficient tolerance on each side for pipe & drape and for utility service at the rear of each booth.

A walkthrough by WIN Expo management will begin at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, November 30, 2016. If you are in violation, a WIN Expo Representative will reach out to the primary booth contact regarding any required actions needing to be made.

Any booths not meeting all of the Terms & Conditions by 8:15 am on Thursday, December 1, 2016 will be in breach of the Exhibitor Registration Agreement and in violation of show standards. This includes exceeding booth height and width restrictions as specified on the booth construction diagrams below.

Standard (1) Booth

One or more standard booths in a straight line. If over four (4) feet high, to be confined to an area within five (5) feet of the backline.

All display fixtures over four (4) feet in height, and placed within ten (10) feet of an adjoining exhibit, must be confined to the back-area of the exhibitor’s space which is within five (5) feet of the backline.

Each exhibitor is entitled to a reasonable sightline from the aisle.

2 or More Booths

End-Cap booths are defined as two or more booths on the end of a row of booths.

End-Cap booths may not exceed the back wall height of eight (8) feet, and in the center ten (10) feet. Booths may also not exceed the height of four (4) feet within the outer five (5) feet of the back wall.

Each exhibitor is entitled to a reasonable sight line from the aisles.


Fire Marshall Rules for Engines & Equipment

  • Gasoline or Diesel Engines/Motors, must have all fuel removed from their tanks, and their batteries disconnected from their motors.
  • Smoke Machines and Candles are not permitted in any buildings.
  • Compressed flammable gases are prohibited.

Social Media - URLs

Item Description

WIN Expo will be utilizing social media marketing channels: Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn to build awareness & promote the show. Make sure you follow us on the web and help spread the word to promote the show.

We encourage Exhibitors to leverage these opportunities by sharing show information through your company’s social media channels.

Trade Show Best Practices

We’ve prepared a few simple points for you and your team to insure this event (and all trade shows) prove as effective as possible.

Best Practices PDF