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Drive More Traffic to Your Booth by offering exclusive #ExpoDeals

We’re pleased to announce a new free program for WIN Expo Exhibitors, called #ExpoDeals, that we believe will make this the best wine industry buying event of the year.

The objective of the #ExpoDeals program is to establish, in the spirit of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a one-day special buying event for the wine industry. This presents a great opportunity for participating exhibitors to leverage the end-of-year buying habits of winery and vineyard operations and will also serve to jump-start 2017 winery purchasing commitments.

How It Works:

WIN Expo Exhibitors should use the form below to submit their exclusive, one-day-only offers, service discounts, or other #ExpoDeals that will be made available at WIN Expo 2016. #ExpoDeals will be aggressively promoted via social media, direct email, online and print campaigns, and at the show itself, to drive additional traffic to the show and to your booth.

Deadline for Printed Handout: October 13, 2017

#ExpoDeals examples:

  • Save up to 20% on year-end close-outs on inventory equipment - presses, pumps and more!
  • 15% off All New Customer Orders
  • Free Closure Testing at our Booth
  • $12 Off per case for 5-Pallet Sparkling orders made at the show
  • Drop your business card to win a free iPad
  • Buy One pH Electrode, Get One Free

Submit Your #ExpoDeals

Exhibitors may submit more than 1 #ExpoDeal - after you press Submit, refresh your browser to use this form again and submit your next offer.